How fucked are we?

I keep reading up on current events regarding climate change in order to determine how fucked we are. The more I read, the less I like. We can’t be reactionary anymore. We can’t wait until the problem is on our doorsteps to take action. It’s already through the proverbial door looming over the next generation.

By 2050-2075, fossil fuels in respect to our current consumption will be depleted. The world population will have reached about 9.3 billion and energy consumption will go up as a result. Thanks to climate change, real estate for agriculture will have diminished due to droughts and changes in weather cycles. Not to mention the fact that most of the equipment used to harvest this food all run on gas. Widespread starvation sound like fun? There’s always the ocean though. Oh wait, that’s hosed to due to the acidification of the oceans drastically decreasing its population due to the disruption of its ecosystem. Are you feeling uncomfortable yet? What if I were to tell you that 50% of the oxygen made on Earth comes from plankton that happens to be vulnerable to the current imbalances that we’re forcing upon our oceans. Not to mention the fact that as water gets warmer it can’t retain as much oxygen. So that delicious sushi you had for lunch? Well the fish kind of need oxygen to breathe so there won’t be as many of them around. Even less thanks to the fact that they don’t have as much food due to the disruption of their ecosystem. We still haven’t gone far enough into researching what such a depletion in oxygen would mean to us and land based animals.

Let’s recap. Less oxygen, little food, problems re-establishing supply. more demand due to the sheer amount of people, unknown impact of the steady decline of global oxygen. Do you happen to know anyone who’s going to be around during that time?

On the 23rd of September 400000 mobilized in New York to raise awareness for this yet I haven’t heard a peep from anyone who wanted to engage in a discussion regarding this matter. Post a funny picture, that gets results though. Tell people I’m addicted to nicotine however, ah, that gets me an earful. People become judgmental start thinking that you have no willpower. Considering the fact that I’ve gone through life without the need or use for a vehicle outside of public transportation I’d say I have plenty. Even though quitting smoking is something that’s on my list of things for self improvement I’m debating against it considering it might save me from witnessing what happens in the future. When I look at vehicles go by as I walk, there’s always one solitary passenger looking to get to whatever destination suits their fancy. You don’t see me throwing dirty looks at people or judging them for owning a car. Maybe I should start.


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